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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Carolina Marsh Tacky
    The Marsh Tacky is a rare breed of horse that traces its ancestry back to Colonial Spanish horses brought over to the Americas in the 16th century. The Marsh Tacky breed is currently listed as "critical" by the Livestock Conservancy (less than 200 annual registrations and less than 500 total population) and Equus Survival Trust (100-600 breeding mares and 25-150 foal registrations per year).
  • What disciplines do Tackys compete in?
    Out Tackys have their disciplines listed on their bios, however there are Tackys actively competing in numerous disciplines including: * Eventing * Dressage * Hunters * Jumpers * Endurance * Mounted Shooting * Mounted Archery * Western Dressage * Working Equitation And the list doesn't end there. If you can imagine it a Tacky can do it.
  • Can I meet your herd?
    We always look forward to introducing people to our herd and if you would like to set up a visit feel free to contact us. Please keep in mind we do not offer visits during foaling or weaning season unless you are purchasing/have purchased a weanling or other horse. This ensures a calm and safe environments for our expectant mares and foals being weaned from their mothers.
  • Is the Marsh Tacky the breed for me?
    I think everybody should have the experience of riding a Tacky at least once. They are amazing horses and well-suited to such a large variety of activities and disciplines that if we don't have the Tacky for you I'm sure we can help you find it.
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